My flight arrives after 11:00 PM. Is there a Euro/Forints exchange kiosk open that late at Budapest airport?

At Budapest Airport Terminal 2A and 2B you will find an InterChange office, a place where you can change most available currencies to and from Hungarian Forints. In Terminal 2A this change office has the following opening times: 06.00 – 24.00 (sometimes until 02.00) and at Terminal 2B the exchange office is open from 09.00 -24.00. This means that if you arrive at 23.00 and get your luggage quite fast, you will be outside ready to exchange money before 24.00. We must though admit that it is not recommended to change money like this at the airport, and you will do far better using an ATM or changing money someplace else in the center of Budapest, with far better exchange rates than at the airport. So good luck, and hope you will enjoy your stay at Budapest Airport and of course in Budapest

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