More flights to connect Budapest with Paris this summer!

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer, for many reasons. The Hungarians are happy to see their team play in the European Championship in football (in Germany) in June and July (hopefully), and following the European Championship, the Hungarians look very much forward to the Summer Olympics in Paris. That is going to be a fantastic event in a gorgeous city, and with Hungary normally winning 6-10 gold medals during the Summer Olympics, lots of Hungarians are traveling to Paris to cheer for the athletes.

The Summer Olympics might be the biggest reason for the increased number of flights that will connect Budapest with Paris this summer, but it is also a clear sign that lots of people are traveling and that Paris is a very popular destination, with or without the Summer Olympics.

Wizz Air will increase the number of daily departures to Paris greatly, giving visitors several daily options if they want to travel between the two cities (something that hasn’t been possible so far). Besides that, Wizz Air is offering their gold plane to bring home Hungarian gold medalists from France to Hungary after the Summer Olympics.

Besides those, there will also be new routes between Budapest and the following cities.

  • Brussels, Belgium (from 19 June)
  • Brassó-Brașov, Romania (from 18 June)
  • Bucharest Otopeni, Romania (from 17 June)
  • Stuttgart, Germany (from 18 June)
  • Valencia (from 17 June)

We have a lot to look forward to this summer, both in and outside Hungary. If you want to read more about what’s going on in Hungary this summer, click the link for more information.

Flights to and from Budapest during the coronavirus

While more than 50,000 flights were flying above Europe every day one year ago, that number of flights has been lowered to almost 10% because of the coronavirus. But, there are still 5000 flights in the air daily, and some of them fly to and from Budapest.

Budapest Airport during the coronavirus

Before you read on, do not forget that only Hungarians and people with a work permit in Hungary are allowed to enter the country. So, even though there is a flight to Budapest from your city, you will not actually be allowed to enter the country, unless you are a Hungarian citizen with a Hungarian passport, or if you have a residence permit/work permit in Hungary.

But, which are those flights and cities still connected with Budapest?

Based on information on the website of Budapest Airport, there are still daily flights connecting Budapest with the following cities:

  • Minsk (Belavia Airlines)
  • Stockholm (Wizz Air)
  • Basel (Wizz Air)
  • Eindhoven (Wizz Air)
  • London (Wizz Air)
  • Dortmund (Wizz Air)
  • Barcelona (Wizz Air)
  • Warsaw (LOT)

People who come to Hungary from abroad are to stay in a 14-day quarantine after arrival to Budapest and Hungary.

If you want more information about the coronavirus in Budapest, check this article. Would you rather see some pictures of empty tourist attractions in Budapest? Find all the information you need here at

Fly with Norwegian to London from Budapest

The Norwegian airline named Norwegian is about to launch a new destination from Budapest. Until now Norwegian has only connected to Budapest to their bases in Scandinavia, but this summer they will launch a direct flight from Budapest to London Gatwick.

This is a big and interesting step for the Norwegian company, making them enter into the Hungarian market, not only competing on travels to Scandinavia, but also fighting for travelers going from Hungary to the UK.

If you are going to the UK, visit and check if they might have the best prices available for you!

Fly from Budapest to London

And if you are going to London, check out the London Guide for more information about the English capital.

Grocery store at Budapest Airport

Supermarket at Budapest AirportBudapest Airport just got better as a grocery store recently opened at Budapest Airport Terminal 2B. The grocery store is located at the arrival level, meaning that once you get to the airport, or arrive at the airport, you can do some shopping at once.

The shop belongs to the SPAR chain, and at the 300m2 grocery store located at the airport you can find fresh pastry, premium quality products and most of the things people normally buy in grocery stores. The new shop has given 21 new jobs, which is a bonus and the supermarket is to be open from 5.00 to 22.00 every day.

Will this be a success? Maybe! Would you go shopping in a grocery store at an airport?

For more information about Budapest Airport, read this article.

Public transportation tickets at Budapest Airport

Transport tickets at Budapest airportUntil know you have only been able to buy a very limited amount of public transportation tickets at Budapest Airport, but that is about to change.

Last week I noticed a temporary stand that has been placed in Terminal 2A where visitors can buy quite a lot of different public transportation tickets such as 1-day card, 3-day card, 7-day travel card, some group cards and single tickets. This is a great improvement, because earlier you had to buy single ticket at the airport and travel to Köhanya Kispest, and only there you could buy a one day pass, three day pass or a pass for one week.

At the moment this is a temporary stand, but as I asked them they said that in a while they will get a permanent stand looking nicer with an even larger amount of tickets for sale. So, if you want to travel from Budapest Airport using public transportation instead of a private airport transfer, then this makes it a whole lot easier.

Change in taxi prices from Budapest Airport (and in the rest of Budapet)

There are lots of changes taking place in the taxi business in Budapest. The most visible change is that more and more taxis are turning yellow. Another change is that fares are going up.

Until now visitors coming to Budapest just jumping in a taxi at the airport would get a set fee based on what area of the city they were going to, at least if they used the official Airport Taxi company named Fő Taxi. Due to the changes this has now changed, and you will not be able to know the price of your ride to your Budapest hotel before you actually arrive, because how much you pay is based on the length of your ride in kilometer and in time. The fee you pay per kilometer and the initial fee for just jumping into a taxi has also been raised. The new initial fee is 450 HUF and the new kilometer fee is 280 HUF.

Taxi in Budapest

For you as a tourist this means that traveling with taxies in Budapest has gotten more expensive, but do not be afraid, it is still cheap (if you are not tricked). As you come to Budapest Airport your taxi towards the city center has also gotten more expensive, maybe with 1500-2000 HUF compared to earlier. This means again that our fares for prebooked and private airport transfers cost exactly the same as if you just jump into a taxi at the airport, however you will know the price beforehand and you do not have to fear that you are being tricked by a driver taking slow roads, standing in lines on purpose and so on.

Enjoy your taxi ride and enjoy Budapest.

When does the last bus leave from Budapest Airport in the night?

I will arrive to Budapest Airport around 23.30 and wonder how to get to the city center? When does the last public transportation bus leave from the airport?

Public transportation from Budapest AirportThank you for the question! The last bus (200E) that leaves from the airport to Köbánya Kispest (where you can change to the metro) leaves from Budapest Airport at 22.52 every night. That is quite early, but this is timed in such a way that you will get to Köbánya Kispest just in time to reach the last metro leaving from there at 23.15 (if the bus is a bit delayed you will though not reach the last metro).

In your case this means that you will not reach the last bus and be able to use public transportation with such a late arrival. You could therefore consider a private airport transfer, or the usage of the official Airport Taxi or a minibus shuttle at the airport. The usage of the minibus shuttle is probably the cheapest, but then you will not be able to leave the airport at once, but you will have to wait for a while for a group to come together, and only then you will leave the airport, which is not the best, at least not when you are tired and want to get to your hotel in a hurry!

Enjoy your stay!

No traffic at Budapest Airport until tomorrow morning!

A message has just been sent out from Budapest Airport containing the following information:

“The relevant services are making every effort to repair the electrical problem in the control tower at No traffic at Budapest Airport at the momentBudapest Airport. Ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment in the tower, guaranteeing the safety of aviation, is of the utmost importance. Consequently, Budapest Airport will remain closed, and will not launch or receive flights, until midnight tonight. At the moment the plan is for traffic to resume at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday 8 December, but this could still be subject to change.

Passengers who hold bookings for flights due to depart this afternoon or tonight are advised not to come to the airport, but to contact their airline. The airlines and Budapest Airport are making efforts to take care of passengers who are already at the airport.”

We have already transported people today back to the town who could not leave Budapest. Check with your airline to get further information on this, and enjoy your extra time in Budapest as good as possible!

Is there a post office at Budapest Airport?

Is there a post office at Budapest Airport? If yes, where can I find it and what are the opening times?

Post office at Budapest AirportThank you for the question. First of all, there is a postal office at Budapest Airport, at Terminal 2A. Earlier it was a post office at Terminal 1 as well, but since the terminal was closed down earlier in 2012 that is no longer operative. If you want to visit the post office it is open from Monday till Friday from 8.00-12.00 and from 12.30-15.30. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

This information is correct as of November 14th, 2012, but in the future this might change (opening times etc), so if you notice that this information is no longer correct, please write a comment!

Can I buy Budapest public transportation tickets online?

Can we buy a ticket of transport for week on Internet?

Thank you for the question. At the moment you can not buy Budapest public transportation tickets online. The online option of purchasing tickets online is if you decide to buy a Budapest Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can find more information about the card and buy it online at the following page. It is worth knowing though that in most situations we do not recommend the usage of this card, as most people will use less money buying a simple transportation card and then enter the different museums, activities and sights paying full entrance fee!

Budapest Card