Grocery store at Budapest Airport

Supermarket at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport just got better as a grocery store recently opened at Budapest Airport Terminal 2B. The grocery store is located at the arrival level, meaning that once you get to the airport, or arrive at the airport, you can do some shopping at once. The shop belongs to the SPAR chain, and at the […]

No traffic at Budapest Airport until tomorrow morning!

A message has just been sent out from Budapest Airport containing the following information: “The relevant services are making every effort to repair the electrical problem in the control tower at Budapest Airport. Ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment in the tower, guaranteeing the safety of aviation, is of the utmost importance. Consequently, Budapest […]

My flight arrives after 11:00 PM. Is there a Euro/Forints exchange kiosk open that late at Budapest airport?

At Budapest Airport Terminal 2A and 2B you will find an InterChange office, a place where you can change most available currencies to and from Hungarian Forints. In Terminal 2A this change office has the following opening times: 06.00 – 24.00 (sometimes until 02.00) and at Terminal 2B the exchange office is open from 09.00 […]