Flood in Budapest – pictures

It is raining and raining in Hungary, and all across the country people are suffering because of all the water. Thousands have left their houses and people are “rescued” from their houses by helicopters, almost like action films. But it is reality. Budapest is a city always well prepared against floods, and there are not to serious problems around, but later today the lowest road along the Danube will probably be closed on both the Buda and the Pest side, which will make traffic unbearable, at least if it should happen in the middle of rush hours today.

Below you can see three pictures made today during a guided tour, showing the level of the Danube

Pictures from the flood in Budapest 2013

Hungarian Parliament
Danube in front of the Hungarian Parliament
Flood in Budapest
Water and the Parliament
Flood and Chain Bridge
The Danube at a high level next to the Chain bridge

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