St. Stephen’s day

On August 20th, the Hungarians celebrate the name day of their first king, King Stephen. This is one of three national holidays in Hungary, but the only one that isn’t related to a revolution or a political riot. August 20th is the “nicest” of the three holidays in Hungary. People […]

Flood in Budapest

You have probably heard the news that the Danube and other rivers in Europe are flooding at the moment. In what way might this influence your visit to Budapest? For most tourists the fact that the Danube is flooding will not influence your stay very much. Life goes on as […]

Colombus Budapest review

There are some restaurants in Budapest located on great places, and there are those with absolutely perfect locations if you want to enjoy good food accompanied by a beautiful panorama. Colombus is such a place. Colombus is the name of a boat restaurant located on the Pest side of Budapest […]

Last flood pictures for now

Two days ago, early Tuesday, the Danube peaked at 827cm. Now the river is moving back towards normal status, though very slowly. This means that the lower riverside roads will be opened up early next week only, probably! That is unfortunate for everyone with car, as the closed roads lead […]

Even more water in the Danube – pictures

This Friday we posted some pictures showing how much water is in the Danube currently. Since then even more water has arrived, and now it is almost 8 metres above normal level. The carroad running down along the Danube has been closed since Friday afternoon and I guess from tomorrow […]

Flood in Budapest – pictures

It is raining and raining in Hungary, and all across the country people are suffering because of all the water. Thousands have left their houses and people are “rescued” from their houses by helicopters, almost like action films. But it is reality. Budapest is a city always well prepared against […]