Formula 1 at Hungaroring on August 4th in 2019

This year’s Formula 1 race at Hungaroring outside Budapest is getting closer. Are you coming to Budapest to see the race? Do you think Hamilton will win yet another race?

It has almost been all about Mercedes so far in the Formula 1 season so far. Lewis Hamilton and his mate Bottas have won most races so far, but before they all get to Budapest, they will race at Silverstone in England and at Hockenheim in Germany. It was during the Austrian Grand Prix that the first non-Mercedes driver won a Formula 1 race this year (Verstappen), so it will be very interesting to follow the drivers as they come to Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton has a good habit of winning in Hungary, but can he win at Hungaroring once again?

Formula 1 in Budapest

Hungaroring 2019

The main race will be arranged at Hungaroring outside Budapest on August 4th, starting at 14.00. If you want to get to the race it is often easiest to order a taxi from the reception at your hotel. You might just jump on a taxi as well, but that is a risky business and will often turn into a very expensive experience.

Do not forget to start early. There are thousands of Formula 1 fans that will move in the same direction as you before the start of the race, meaning that this often takes a lot of time and it is better to be one hour early than one hour late! Once you leave the venue, there will yet again be thousands of people going in the same direction as you, so it might take some time for you to get back to the center of Budapest again after the race.

Watch the Formula 1 race on TV

Haven’t gotten hold of tickets for the races yet? You can buy them outside the venue as well (that is also risky business). You might be lucky and get some good tickets, but you are most likely to pay a lot for your tickets (much more than you should), and you might even end up with fake tickets, so it is not recommended to go for such a solution.

In other words, if you do not have a ticket for the race yet, maybe you should just watch it on the TV instead. The official broadcaster of Formula 1 in Hungary is M4, and this is a free state-owned channel. So, if you turn on the TV in your hotel room and look for M4, you will most likely find the channel and be able to watch Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas, and the rest of the drivers.

You can also watch M4 online at if you do not have a TV in your hotel room or in your apartment.

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