Funny comment and comment problem

I always receive emails when people comment on some post in our blog, and some minutes ago I received a funny one, with a solution to the entire gas problem. Curious? Read the comment found at the bottom of our page about the “Gas crisis in Eastern-Europe“.

Comment problem
Our blog has no way of showing the last comments made on any of the posts in our blog. That means that it is impossible for the viewers to find out if someone has commented on a blog post, if they do not check back on every single blog post continously. So, I am looking for some script or help to get the possibility to show somewhere on the blog frontpage, or in a menu, or somewhere else, the last 5-10 comments made on any blog article throughout the entire blog.

I know that Budapestagent has something similar at his blog, but as far as I see he is using WordPress, while our blog uses the Blogger platform. I am not sure if influences the thing, but if anyone can help, I would be very grateful!

2 thoughts on “Funny comment and comment problem

  1. Budapest Guide says:

    I am just trying now, as you can see there a comment script thing on the right side, but I would love for something that would look better somehow 🙂 This is just using some standard feedburner thing, and the list thing does not look good as it draws into the middle… maybe if I could turn that of somehow!

    Thanks anyway if anyone can come with advices!!

  2. Budapest Agent says:

    I would recommend you to switch to wordpress. It is much easier and more individuall since you can do all changes you want and have tons of plugins to choose from.

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