The Duchess, in Budapest cinemas now

The Duchess BudapestKeira Knightley always plays in strange and old fashioned films. Sometimes I like them a lot, and sometimes I dont. Some weeks ago I watched The Edge of Love in the cinema, and I did not like it at all. Before that I saw Atonoment, and I really enjoyed it. It was a brilliant film, and the music was fantastic (not strange that the film won an Oscar for its music).

I enjoy history, and somehow I like those old fashioned films showing what life may have looked like some hundred years ago. In this film we get to see how the life as a Duchess may have been, and we can see Ralph Fiennes play the Duke of Devonshire, a mighty man in his days.

Georgina (Keira Knightley) and Ralph Fiennes (Duke of Devonshire) gets married in the start of the film, and then comes the trouble. The Duke is in desperate need of a female heir, and his hope is that Georgina will give it to him, and if not, she is not of much use to him. Georgina is a popular lady, but she is not satisfied either with being married to the Duke. If you watch the film, you will find out what happens!

I enjoyed the film and my wife even more. For me it was to flat with no real “action” or highlight, while my wife found it to be a relaxing and nice film.

Based on all of this we give the film together 6 out of 10 smileys.

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