Gábor Ősz exhibition at the Ludwig Museum

People usually say that the capital of Hungary, the scenic Budapest is the most beautiful in the period of late spring and summer. At this time everybody is on the outside and enjoy the sunshine. There are lauds of open air programs and other exhibitions in the city, for example the exhibition of Gábor Ősz in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest. He is a Hungarian photographer lives and works in Amsterdam.

Gábor Ősz was born in 1962 in a Hungarian city, Dunaújváros. He started his studies in 1982 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hungary, and he graduated in 1986. He started his work in Hungary, but he moved to the capital of Netherland, Amsterdam in the 90s, and he lives and works here. Moreover he had exhibition in France and in the United States of America too. His beloved picture composing device is the camera obscura or the hole camera, the gist of which is that light gets into a dark cell or box through a tiny hole, and this light draws the upside-down image of the outer world within the camera obscura, on the side opposite the hole.

The artist’s newest exhibition will be in the capital of Hungary, in Budapest at the Ludwig Museum between 26 July 2013 and 3 November 2013. If you will spend some days on Budapest during this period, you definitely should visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art and let the works of talented Hungarian photographer enchants you. Have a great time!

Gábor Ősz exhibition
July 26th – November 3rd
Ludwig museum

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