Gábor Ősz exhibition at the Ludwig Museum

People usually say that the capital of Hungary, the scenic Budapest is the most beautiful in the period of late spring and summer. At this time everybody is on the outside and enjoy the sunshine. There are lauds of open air programs and other exhibitions in the city, for example the exhibition of Gábor Ősz […]

The Other Half of the Sky – Ludwig Museum

When somebody goes to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, there are several attractions what must see for example the famous Buda Castle, the Parliament, the beautiful Margaret Island and of course the famous river, the Danube with all bridges, especially the Chain Bridge. In Budapest there are regularly festivals, activities and exhibitions. The several beautiful […]

The Naked Man exhibition at the Ludwig Museum

First of all we have to warn every interested reader that this exhibition contains objects not recommend for kids, so visit this only in the presence of an adult. The naked man fell into oblivion since the antiquity; the stronger sex’s body without clothes was taboo for a long time. But the naked woman body […]