Gas crisis in Eastern-Europe

Since Tuesday gas is not arriving from Russia to Hungary and several other nations around Hungary. The Russians stopped sending gas, because they claim that Ukraine is “stealing” gas as it is flowing through their nation on the way to Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and several other nations.

Hungary is not the nation suffering the most, as they have gas supplies which can offer gas for quite a while to the nation. Big gas consumers in Hungary still needed to make changes, so the biggest companies and factories has had to put their work on halt, until the nation receives gas from Russia again.

Slovakia is suffering as well, and now they speak of opening up a nuclear plant at Jaslovske Bohunice. The nuclear plant had to be closed before entering into the European Union in 2004, but they speak of opening it again, if needed.

Let us hope that things will work out fast, because if things does not work out, this might become a cold winter for quite some people!

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