Girls asking for the way in Budapest are not really asking for the way!

super bill in Vaci utca

Yesterday we received an email from a group of some guys that we helped with airport transfers and some other programs in Budapest. They were very satisfied with everything, but before the end of the email they share a story we unfortunately have heard so many times before. A very traditional bar scam story where you end up with an extremely high bill.

The guys walked in Vaci utca, the shopping street in Budapest, and as they walked there (around the Ice Bar/Burger King area), they met two girls looking very confused. They stood there with a map asking for directions, and as polite guys these men stood at their service. After describing the way the girls asked if the guys had any further plans, and then they asked if they wanted to join them for some beer somewhere nearby. They went to a bar/restaurant in a cellar nearby (they guess the address it is located somewhere between Vaci utca 11-15, but not really sure) and without looking at the menu they started to order drinks to themselves and to the girls. One drink turned into quite a lot of drinks, and then when they got the bill, a really big one. Just take a look yourself!

super bill in Vaci utca
Very expensive drinks at traditional Hungarian bar scam

Above you can see what their final bill looked like. They drank a lot, but as you can see, the prices are far higher than they should be. This is of course a very traditional story that us living and working in Budapest has heard several times, but we just post this story as a warning to those who have not yet been in Budapest. Avoid night clubs and bars if you are not sure about their reputation and do not go out to have drinks with “innocent” girls or ladies asking for directions, asking for the way or starting flirting with you on the street. It might seem charming, and you might feel young and attractive again, but what attracts them to you is not really your look, but your wallet and your VISA card!

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6 thoughts on “Girls asking for the way in Budapest are not really asking for the way!

  1. Jürgen says:

    I have experienced exactly the same story in November 2013 in Budapest. I have made it public here on this site for everyone to read:

    It must have been the same cellar bar and the same girls, one blonde (Italian origin and a brunette one). I realized a massive overcharge for a normal amount of drinks. Altogether we did not drink that much, but in the end the bill was more than 200.000 Forinth. It was not until I returned to Budapest two weeks later when I finally managed to phone one girl because I had her number. She said she was not in town, but when I returned to Vaci Utca I saw those two running away fast when they saw me again approaching. I spoke to the bar waitress, I did not get a bill copy from them (because they did not give it to me – I think the girls took it), they cannot remember me (of course!). Good actresses! What a criminal team! Clear fraud! After doing some research I knew exactly what was going on. So I contacted police and made a report there, spoke to embassy, local authorities for consumer protection, newspaper, etc. I have made the story public on the Internet and spread pictures and warnings . I will not give up the fight, until the bar is closed and the responsibles punished.
    The European Center for Consumer Protection will help me, too. I have reported the case and the bar there. I did everything I could think of to get reimbursed, but still no answer or any sign of help. This is very bad. Those so called “consume girls” and the bar people seem to work together and act very clever.
    To any victim: please contact me to exchange thoughts. I think of filing a common claim.
    I have read that this scam has been going on in Budapest for quite a long time. I want to put a final end to this.

      • Jürgen says:

        That’s alright, Budapest Guide. Such a story must be made public. There is no other option.
        I am thankful for any useful tips you can give me in this case. You can do me a favour if you want because you are in Budapest: go to the bar, speak to the people, tell them “best wishes” from me. I am sure they remember me very well and tell them what I have done and published so far to oppose them. I will not let loose until I am reimbursed or the bar is closed. I am very serious about this. I have added a picture of the menu at the site where I placed the story as a warning. I also want to contact the guy whose bill you published. If possible, please send me the e-mail adress. Thanks.

  2. Laurent Schmidt says:

    Unfortunately those two ladies are still out on the street. Fortunately something told me to be on my guard – so I oozed a stream of polite French (that’s nowadays the only credible excuse for not understanding English) and marched on. The gentleman in me however had a guilty conscience for leaving to innonent girls to their fate in a foreign city so I searched the internet. Unfortunately still going strong this scam.

    • Jürgen says:

      If they are still on the street and you have any pictures of them, send them to me. I still want to take revenge. Got news from police that investigations have begun, but I read more stories of new victims every day. So apparently nothing will ever happen to fight this scam. The bars must be closed and the victims reimbursed. That is what I want as fair solution. There must be put a final end to this.

  3. Piers says:

    Happened to me 2 nights ago in budapest. Just off from the opera. Same scenario. Two lost girls. I had a map and a few hours on my hands. I wasnt even attracted to them…I’m no stranger to attention – I was just alone and helping out fellow travelers. 90,000fts…good thing im broke and only paid 30,000. They told me they paid the remaining sum in romanian money….bullshit. I went back when i was drunk and threw a brick through their window.

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