Happy new year from a freezing Budapest

Weather BudapestWe wish all our readers and visitors a happy new year from a freezing cold Budapest. Around midnight as 2008 turned into 2009 it was around -10 Celsius in Budapest, and as I checked out our weatherpage this morning it showed -8 Celsius. That is quite cold, so if you are in the city, or on the way to Budapest, make sure to dress up!

I am not sure if you have set any goals for 2009, but we have a goal to become an even better Guide to Budapest, so that we can serve our visitors with more and better information about what is going on in the city, and suggestions for programs, museums and attractions to visit in the city. Yesterday we also updated our page with information about concerts happening in big cities nearby Budapest (Prague, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava), and we hope to be able to keep this updated as well.

I agree; Munich is quite far from Budapest, but if you like driving (fast), it can still be done in a day to visit the city for a concert, and then drive back afterwards (you will arrive early in the morning the next day, but it can work at least).

Have you got any wish/desire for 2009?
Feel free to share it with us by posting a comment below telling us about it!

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  1. Budapest Guide says:

    Thanks for writing! I checked your blog, please tell me when you have posted your photos as well, because as far as I could see there are no pictures posted yet!

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