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Australia reviewJust after Christmas Australia was launched in the cinemas of Budapest, and it is not often, but for some days it was three films that I wanted to see in the cinema (which does not happen often). The first was Bedtime Stories, the second was the “The Tale of Despereaux” (Cincin lovag) and the third was Australia. So far I have seen two of them, Bedtime Stories and Australia.

We went to Palace Mom Park to see Australia, as this was the only cinema showing the film with English speaking and Hungarian subtitles. As I read about the film I noticed that it was a long film (160 minutes), so I bought a big popcorn and a big coke, just to be prepared.

The film was long, but it did not feel to long. It tells the story of Lady Ashley (Nicole Kidman) leaving for Australia to visit her husband and to help him on his farm. Things does not turn out to be the way she thought they were, and eventually she meets with Drover (Hugh Jackman) and Nullah (Brandon Walters), a little boy who does not fit into society.

In the film these three together face several challenges, and as the Second World War breaks out in Australia with an attack on Darwim, the events heat up even more.

During the film I was never bored, but I rather enjoyed the film from start to end. It was not a superfilm, but quite okay, and a nice way to use 160 minutes inside, if you do not really want to go out into the cold Budapest winter.

Based on all of this I give the film 6 out of 10 smiles!

Hungarian title: Ausztrália

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