Hungarian food in McDonalds

Hungarian food in McDonaldsMcDonalds just started their new campaign where they serve “Hungarian” food in their restaurants. On the menu you can find Paprica Chicken hamburger, French toast (Bundás kenyér), Scone (lángos), Rissole (fasírt), Golden Dumplings and Porksandwich with horseradish. We somehow managed to drop by a McDonalds yesterday evening and tasted the Paprica Chicken Burger and the Golden Dumplings. I had great expectations, especially as Golden Dumplings is among my favorite desserts in Hungary.

Maybe you were hoping that you can skip the Hungarian restaurants as of now to eat in McDonalds… I would not do so! The two things that we tasted were not at all good, and worst of them was the Paprica Chicken burger. The dressing, or whatever was supposed to give the burger paprica taste rather destroyed it all. The Golden Dumplings tasted a little bit better, but still… it is not often I have eaten so bad dumplings. Today I read a review were they mostly agreed with us concerning the two things we ate, but they were slightly more positive to the Rissole and the Porksandwich, so maybe we will have to try them later!

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  1. Budapest Guide says:

    What you mean fake? To claim that this food gives a taste of Hungary is for sure “fake”, but I am not sure that this was what you were thinking about 🙂 By the way… good article you wrote about the Balaton Ring! 🙂

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