Paris of the east = Budapest?

I have often heard people speaking of Budapest as the Paris of the east. It sounds really nice, and I must admit, that Budapest is a really beautiful city, just as Paris. Having some seconds today I just typed in on google “Paris of the east”, curious to see what it would show me. To my great surprise there are many “Parises” of the east. Tehran, Prague, Shanghai, Bucharest and Istanbul were some of the cities mentioned, and it seemd to me as if Bucharest was the most “popular” one with the title “Paris of the east.”

There are probably many cities fighting for the title, but for many tourists coming to Eastern-Europe the question is not whether to go to Budapest or Shanghai, or Budapest or Istanbul, but rather if they should go to Budapest or Prague. As editor of this page, and as a person who loves Budapest, I would for sure recommend Budapest, but if you have time, I would visit both Budapest and Prague. After that you can make up your own oppinion what city has most right to the title “Paris of the East”; Budapest or Prague.

Some pictures from Budapest
Budapest by nightSzabadság TérSchöne DonauDanube and the CastleStreet in BudapestSaint Stephens Basilica

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