How to get a Hungarian IP address?

I live outside Hungary, but I would need a Hungarian IP address for different projects and stuff I do. Can you give me some advice?

My first piece of advice would be to move to Hungary! It is a beautiful nation and the most beautiful city in the world is here Budapest! But, we can of course see why people have to live outside Hungary as well – and that is of course positive, because if everyone lived in Hungary, then no tourists would come to Budapest and live in all the hotels.

Back to your question. If you want a Hungarian IP address several services are offering this. One of those is NordVPN which we use ourselves when abroad, and it works very fine. We once had a similar question concerning how to watch Hungarian TV from abroad (when the broadcast is supposed to only be available for those inside Hungary). To do this you also need a Hungarian IP address, so the information given in that answer should help you as well. Read the full article here: How to watch Hungarian TV from abroad online?

How to get a Hungarian IP address?

Ask your Budapest question!

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