Hungarian Song Day, BLOKK Creative center 2013

The BLOKK Creative center is one of the most unusual and most different programs in the Hungarian Song Day in every year. The place of the programs located in the Ajtósi Dürer Street. In the BLOKK Creative center everybody would find the perfect program for themselves, if they love music and make music. The BLOKK Creative center will welcome visitors with open music practicing, children programs, acoustic music games, community painting, drum workshops, psychological groups with music, light painting, interactive music and photo exhibition, besides these the BLOKK’s DJs will mix the music for the relaxing and the dancing people too.

You should definitely visit the BLOKK Creative center’s program at the Ajtósi Dürer Street in Budapest on 8 September 2013 on the Hungarian Song Day 2013. Have fun!

Address: Budapest, 19-21 Ajtósi Dürer Street

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