Hungarian Song Day, Budavár Culture house 2013

If you are open to the foreign language music, when the lyrics are not important, but the melody is, what charms you, than we recommend you the next program! I am sure; just few people from abroad have heard about the band Török Ádám and the MINI. Török Ádám have been for a long time in music life, he is amazing flute player and he often gives concert at the Budavár Culture house. Fortunately the virtuoso of jazz and blues will give concert on the Hungarian Song Day too, so do not miss it! In the MINI’s music the lyrics are less important than the melody.

If you like good music and open to the foreign language music, visit the Budavár Culture house on 8 September 2013! Have fun!

Address: Budavár Culture house (1101 Budapest, 6 Bem wharf)

This program is a part of Magyar Dal Napja on September 8th

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