The 13th district has always been colorful and culture point of the capital, Budapest. In this year, on the 6th Hungarian Song Day it will be the same on 8 September 2013. The Radnóti Miklós Cultural Center or RaM will give place for the Rock music stage. What can we say more? The music will be real rock music, those who love definitely should go to the RaM. And however the bands will be Hungarians, those who love real good rock music, won’t be a problem that they couldn’t understand the lyrics. We hope so, the Hungarian lyrics will make more special the rock experience. Moreover in the HungaRock Celebrities Room you could know more about the Hungarian rock musicians. Have fun!

Ps: If you live in a four star hotel in Budapest such as Danubius Helia, this is quite close to the hotel.

Address: 1133 Budapest, 23 Kárpát Street

Hungarian Song Day, RaM 2013

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