Hungarian Song Day, Rocktogon 2013

The Hungarian Song Day is an annual program since 2008 in Hungary. In this time all big cities welcome visitors with special music productions. Of course Budapest is the same. The Rock stage will be in the Radnóti Cultural Center this year, but this is not the only place, where the lover of rock music could find their favorite music. The cultic pub in Budapest, the Rocktogon will join to the Hungarian Song Day for the first time this year, and they will show five great bands of course with rock music. Those rock fans, who will visit here, could taste the Budapest night life besides the good music in one of the most famous pubs of the capital. Have Fun!

Address: 1066, Budapest, 9 Mozsár Street

19:00 Rossz Szokás
20:00 Wall Street
21:00 Cherokee
22:00 Vicky Sunday
23:00 G.M.T.

Hungarian Song Day, RaM 2013

The 13th district has always been colorful and culture point of the capital, Budapest. In this year, on the 6th Hungarian Song Day it will be the same on 8 September 2013. The Radnóti Miklós Cultural Center or RaM will give place for the Rock music stage. What can we say more? The music will be real rock music, those who love definitely should go to the RaM. And however the bands will be Hungarians, those who love real good rock music, won’t be a problem that they couldn’t understand the lyrics. We hope so, the Hungarian lyrics will make more special the rock experience. Moreover in the HungaRock Celebrities Room you could know more about the Hungarian rock musicians. Have fun!

Ps: If you live in a four star hotel in Budapest such as Danubius Helia, this is quite close to the hotel.

Address: 1133 Budapest, 23 Kárpát Street

Hungarian Song Day, RaM 2013

Hungarian Song Day, R33 2013

On the Hungarian Song Day on 8 September 2013, we could say that everybody could find the most perfect music genre’s place or stage. One Hungarian underground club, the R33 will prepare with live music in this year. The club will join to the Hungarian Song Day for the first time. Besides the Hungarian groups live concerts, you could see exhibitions and performances. The R33 is the perfect place especially for those, who would like to see the Hungarian underground culture and meet it better. The R33’s program will welcome the alternative art’s lovers too; moreover the still interesting program will become better with fire jugglers. Do not miss is and have a great time!

Hungarian Song Day, R33
IX. Soroksári út 58. Közvágóhíd

Hungarian Song Day, Óbuda Social circle 2013

The Óbuda Social circle will prepare with a sheet music book with four hundred songs on the Hungarian Song Day on 8 September 2013. Unfortunately the common singing, the choir has lost its old glory, but fortunately there are people who keep the life in this wonderful and interesting genre. Those, who love this type of music, definitely should visit the most beautiful Hungarian choirs with the best songs. Be the part of the common singing’s joy, as a listener or as a part. It definitely would be an unforgettable experience, just like all the programs of the Hungarian Song Day. Have fun!

Address: 1037, Budapest, 7 Kiskorona Street

Hungarian Song Day, Óbuda Social circle 2013

Hungarian Song Day, Museum Garden 2013

The occasion, Hungarian Song Day/Magyar Dal Napja will be on 8 September 2013, when visitors could meet the Hungarian music life’s all details in the whole country. However the main city of the event will be a Hungarian town, Békéscsaba, but of course there will be lots of programs in Budapest too, for example in the park of the famous Hungarian National Museum, the Museum Garden. The Museum Garden will join to the Hungarian Song Day for the first time, and this park will give place for the Lyrics stage. Of course not all the program will be about lyrics, because there will be children programs, gastronomy shows and concerts. The beautiful environment is perfect place for everyone and the programs will be funny for the young and the old too. Have fun!

Address: 1088, Budapest, 14-16 Museum Boulevard

Hungarian Song Day, Lyrics stage 2013

Hungarian Song Day, Kobuci garden 2013

On the Hungarian Song Day, on 8 September 2013, whole Hungary dresses up with music. In the capital, Budapest loads of programs will welcome visitors. The Kobuci garden will give the place for the world music and children stage, just like in every year. Those who will visit here, could see the greatest members of the Hungarian music life, live, for example the Quimby, or the Csík band. Maybe our foreign visitors haven’t heard about these bands, so we warmly recommend, listen a few songs from them on the Internet. The lyrics will be mostly in Hungarian, but besides the atmosphere and the melody, you wouldn’t miss the lyrics. Visit the Kobuci garden during the Hungarian Song Day, on this beautiful autumn day. Have fun!

Address: Kobuci garden (Óbuda, 1 Fő Square, Garden of Zichy Castle)

Hungarian Song Day, World music stage

Hungarian Song Day, Budapest Jazz Club 2013

If you have already read about the Hungarian Song Day 2013’s programs, I am sure you know that for the jazz lovers the perfect place will be the Akvárium club in Budapest, because there will be the Jazz stage meanwhile this mini festival. But don’t forget the Budapest Jazz Club, which is located a few minutes from the Jászai Mari square, at one of the most lovely places of the capital, the Hollán Ernő street. The Budapest Jazz club will give place for singer women with fantastic voice. If you like the lovely woman sounds; you definitely should visit the Budapest Jazz Club on 8 September 2013 on the Hungarian Song Day. Girl power!

Address: Budapest Jazz Club, 1136 Budapest, 7 Hollán Ernő Street

Magyar Dal Napja 2013


17.00 Herczku Ágnes and Nikola Parov
18.00 Nyeső Mari
19.00 Szűcs Gabi
20.00 Hanem band
21.00 Takáts Eszter
22.00 Rutkai Bori & Specko Jedno

Entry: 1000 Ft

Hungarian Song Day, Fonó Buda Music house 2013

The Hungarian Song Day’s programs mostly are for music lovers who love special music and the foreign language doesn’t bother them neither. But the next stage is extremely for those who are open for the Hungarian culture’s own folk music, which becomes very fantastic with the special bending and music motives. The Hungarian Folk music is sometimes sad, sometimes very happy. Usually there is dance with music, moreover on that stage you can meet with the Carpathian basin’s folk culture too. Those, who visit that stage, could be closer to the Hungarian culture, than in a museum in the capital. Have fun!

Address: 1116 Budapest, 3 Sztregova Street
Magyar Dal Napja 2013

14:00-15:00 Liska Vera and her concertgroup: Röptető
15:30-16:30 Korpás Éva: Szól a kakas, szól
17:00-18:00 Méta Band
18:30-19:30 Szalonna and his Band
20:00-21:00 Téka Band
21:30-22:30 Tükrös Band
From 22:30 – tól dance house. Music bands: Tükrös Band, Magyarpalatkai Band

Hungarian Song Day, Duna Palace 2013

For those, who takes seriously the love of music, and they takes it on the classic way, and now I am thinking about classic music, we recommend the Duna Palace between the Hungarian Song Day’s places in 2013. The Duna Palace is a historical building in Lipótváros. It was built in 1897 and it was casino. When it was a casino it took seriously the first-class programs, it gave place for concerts, and fortunately the organizers want the Duna Palace to hit the level with the visible and audile programs this year too, like their predecessors. For the classic music lovers it will be the perfect place on 8 September 2013 in Budapest on the Hungarian Song Day. It would be an unforgettable program, so do not miss it! Have fun!

Duna Palota

Address: 1051 Budapest, Zrinyi Street 5


18:00 The Hungarian song’s birth
The Czinege Band’s folk music concert
19.30 How big is God’s hand?
Chatting with Gulyás Dénes about his new book
20.00 Gala concert
Hungarian composers’ famous works with opera singers and Junior Prima Award artists
Artists: Kováts Kolos, Gulyás Dénes, Szakács Ildikó, Vörös Szilvia, Csóka Anita
By the piano: Bárkányi-Horváth Éva
Anchorman: Tóth Endre – music historian

Hungarian Song Day, Budavár Culture house 2013

If you are open to the foreign language music, when the lyrics are not important, but the melody is, what charms you, than we recommend you the next program! I am sure; just few people from abroad have heard about the band Török Ádám and the MINI. Török Ádám have been for a long time in music life, he is amazing flute player and he often gives concert at the Budavár Culture house. Fortunately the virtuoso of jazz and blues will give concert on the Hungarian Song Day too, so do not miss it! In the MINI’s music the lyrics are less important than the melody.

If you like good music and open to the foreign language music, visit the Budavár Culture house on 8 September 2013! Have fun!

Address: Budavár Culture house (1101 Budapest, 6 Bem wharf)

This program is a part of Magyar Dal Napja on September 8th