Hungarian Song Day, RaM 2013

The 13th district has always been colorful and culture point of the capital, Budapest. In this year, on the 6th Hungarian Song Day it will be the same on 8 September 2013. The Radnóti Miklós Cultural Center or RaM will give place for the Rock music stage. What can we say more? The music will […]

Hungarian Song Day, R33 2013

On the Hungarian Song Day on 8 September 2013, we could say that everybody could find the most perfect music genre’s place or stage. One Hungarian underground club, the R33 will prepare with live music in this year. The club will join to the Hungarian Song Day for the first time. Besides the Hungarian groups […]

Hungarian Song Day, Óbuda Social circle 2013

The Óbuda Social circle will prepare with a sheet music book with four hundred songs on the Hungarian Song Day on 8 September 2013. Unfortunately the common singing, the choir has lost its old glory, but fortunately there are people who keep the life in this wonderful and interesting genre. Those, who love this type […]

Hungarian Song Day, Fonó Buda Music house 2013

The Hungarian Song Day’s programs mostly are for music lovers who love special music and the foreign language doesn’t bother them neither. But the next stage is extremely for those who are open for the Hungarian culture’s own folk music, which becomes very fantastic with the special bending and music motives. The Hungarian Folk music […]