Hungary’s first Primark store opens in Arena Plaza!

primark budapest

Primark opened its first store in Hungary on May 28, 2024. The Irish brand is extremely popular, and many people have been waiting for the first store to open in Hungary for a long time. Now the opening is history, and people are already speaking about when the second store will open.

The Primark store in Arena Plaza is located on the first floor of the mall, next to SportsDirect. It is open between 10.00 and 20.00, with the exception of Sundays on which is closes at 19.00.

The brand is know for cheap prices, and that is true also in Budapest. It is possible to find jeans for less than €15, and you can find t-shirts, sweaters, and other stuff around €5.

On the opening day, people showed up hours before opening to be among the first people to enter the new store. Even hours after the grand opening the shop was crowded and people stood in line to enter the store. This will, most likely, calm down quickly, but it is still a big moment for those who want cheap shopping in Budapest.

You can read more about Arena Plaza here. If you’d rather read general information about shopping in Budapest, look at this article.

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