Pizza Cruise on the Danube in Budapest – Should you buy a ticket?

There are many fantastic boat trips available on the Danube in Budapest. The river is fantastic and the view is even more awesome. Can you imagine watching the beautiful attractions of Budapest illuminated in the evening while eating the best food on earth… pizza? That sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is no wonder so many people are interested in buying tickets for the popular pizza boat trip on the Danube. But, is it worth it?

Recently, we published an article about a Dinner Cruise with Live Music on the Danube. In the article, we wrote that even though we are located in Budapest and help book tickets for different boat trips on the Danube in Budapest, we do not necessarily say that all trips are equally good. In fact, if there are boat trips we think you should skip, then we will tell you. So, what is the reality when it comes to the Pizza Boat Trip on the Danube arranged by Silverline in Budapest?

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Our experience eating pizza on the Danube in Budapest.

The trip we are discussing is the one you can book tickets for above using the GetYourGuide widget. If you visit the page, you can see several positive and some negative reviews. Here are our thoughts!

The trip itself is great. The Danube is beautiful, and the service on the ship is good. You can drink as much as you want which is ideal if you are thirsty, meaning you can get unlimited soft-drinks, ice-tea and some other drinks.

But, why do you buy tickets for a boat trip on the Danube where they serve you pizza? Because you love pizza. And if you love pizza, then you want the pizza to be good. Unfortunately, that was not so on this ship.

We attended the boat trip with a group of six persons, and you can choose from four different pizzas (that must be done upon booking). We tasted three of the four pizzas (we skipped the Hawaii pizza as none of us appreciate pineapple on pizza).

The pizzas were served, and we were looking very much forward to eating pizza while enjoying the view.

pizza on the danube

The pizzas came and upon first look we felt disappointed. It looked like the cheese and the ham and the ingredients were the cheapest of the cheapest at the nearest super market. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t tell us otherwise. We were then having serious discussions about whether we were actually served a frozen pizza with a basic tomato sauce, and then they just added toppings according to the orders, but we didn’t really come to a conclusion (even though I still believe it was a basic frozen pizza with some toppings added before added on the ship).

We traveled with kids, so our kids had a wonderful time on the Danube, one of my son even makes jokes about this being the best pizza he has ever eaten, but I guess that says more about his attitude than the pizza.

All in all, we will remember the trip, and we had a good time. But, if the goal is to combine a trip on the beautiful Danube in Budapest with a delightful pizza, then you should bring the pizza yourself and not eat the one you are served onboard.

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What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions?

This is our experience, but we know from reviews on GetYourGuide that many people have truly enjoyed the trip. Would you like to share your thoughts about the trip? Or do you have any questions?

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