James Blunt in Budapest – You’re Beautiful

Good news for the Hungarian fans, they can finally see their favourite singer at home: James Blunt is giving a concert on 25 October 2008 in the Budapest Sport Arena.

There aren’t many performers like him; he became a superstar almost overnight but James Blunt managed to stay a man without striking a star attitude.

He was born with the name James Hillier Blount in Tidworth, England into an upper middle-class family in 1974. When he was three, his mother taught him how to play the flute, at the age of five he started playing the violin and when he reached the age of seven, he got his first piano teacher. Since his father served at the British Air Force, the family had to move house every two years, so by the age of seven James attended a boarding school, seeing his parents only in the school holidays. He bought his first guitar at the age of fourteen, and he started to write songs. He attended Bristol University, where he wrote his thesis on a Sociology subject. The debut album of James Blunt was released in October 2004, and although the first two singles were relatively successful, the real breakthrough was the third single, the song “You’re Beautiful”. It got released as a maxi as well, and it led the English chart lists for 10 weeks. It became a No. 1 in 18 other countries, amongst them the USA. The album sold 11 million copies and won every possible award. Blunt has given more than 300 concerts covering all continents.

The incredible speed of becoming a superstar and the experiences of this journey give the basis of the lyrics of his second album, “All The Lost Souls”, which was released in autumn 2007. “Going on a concert tour is the best fun anybody can have. The best invention anybody has ever thought of.”

Source: Budapestinfo
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