Visiting Sir Lancelot in Budapest

Last week we had the joy of joining some of our guests to the Sir Lancelot restaurant in Budapest. It is a restaurant that will give you food and an experience you will not easily forget. Especially in the evening time (as it was when we were there) we could enjoy some small theatrical pieces and delicious food, in real medieval style.

The food is not typical Hungarian, but it is almost barbaric as everyone just takes what they want to eat from a big plate, and place it on their own small plate. But, that is the fun with the place, and we can definitely recommend this place to our visitors. The prices are higher than many other restaurants, but still not to expensive, so be sure to visit this place.

We recommend you to book a table beforehand at Sir Lancelot, so just send us an email with your name and a telephone number, and we will do it for you and your company!

Sir LancelotA real Sir Lancelot Mug – and a tasty piece of meat
Sir LancelotA plate full of tasty food

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