Lomtalanitás and strike

Budapest has a very interesting phenomena going on in the different districts every year. It is called “Lomtalanitás” and the purpose is to get rid of all stuff you dont want to keep in your flat. So when a district is arranging this the people are allowed to throw all their unwanted furniture, electrical devices, magazines, books, records and whatever out on the street. At the street you can see different vultures (people) attacking the nice objects and placing them into big vans and taking them somewhere. Sometimes for use in their own houses, other times they repair them and use them at other places. Anyway, it is very interesting and currently you can see this happening in the seventh district of Budapest.

Also be aware all people. Tomorrow BKV, the public transport company of Budapest will probably strike, which means no trams, buses, metroes will run between 06.00 and 12.00! If the parts will not agree it might even last longer!

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