Warm weather and upcoming strike in Budapest

If you check out the weatherpage you can notice that the temperature in Budapest is increasing. As I am writing this it is currently telling me that it is 19 celsius, and it will probably get even warmer in a couple of hours.

Earlier this week (Monday) the public transportation company and the train company MAV arranged a strike at the same time. It started in the morning, and around lunchtime traffic went back to the normal. But, now the public transportation company, BKV, is threatening with hitting the city with a new strike, next Friday. This time they say it will be a full day strike, which means no metro, tram, bus or trolley for an entire day. If so, the city will be in chaos during the entire day, and prepare to walk a lot. The taxies are also overbooked on such strikedays, so that is not recommended either.

If anyway would like to enjoy a guided tour during the next week, just send us an email and we will arrange a nice “get-to-know” Budapest trip for you!

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