Most popular restaurants in May

May is over and yet another time we can present the list of the most popular restaurants in Budapest in May. As we always say this is only based on the amount of table reservations we do, so it is not giving a complete list concerning what restaurants are most popular in town, but it will give you a feeling at least, concerning what restaurants are most popular among our readers.

Most popular Budapest restaurants in May
1. Sir Lancelot
2. Mátyás Pince / Trofea Grill
3. Pesti Lámpás

It became a draw at the second place this month, while Sir Lancelot still continues its winning row. New on the list is Pesti Lámpás which managed to get a third place in competition with Belcanto, Donatellas Kitchen, Gundel, Pampas Steakhouse and some others.

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