Most popular restaurants in September

Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot

Based on the amount of table reservations made in September we have made our own unofficial “Most popular restaurants in September” statistic. This does not say anything about the actual popularity of the given restaurant based on amount of visitors, but it gives a little feeling where our visitors like to go eating in Budapest.

Most popular Budapest restaurants in September
1. Sir Lancelot
2. Trófea Grill
3. Mátyás Pince

Most people who have seen our former statistics will realize that this is absolutely not something new and revolutionary result. Sir Lancelot is almost always ending up on first place, Trófea ends up on the second place, and then Mátyás Pince on the third place. The third place is normally where the battle stands, and both Karpatia and Pampas Steakhouse were close in September, but none of them managed to sneak in before Mátyás Pince.

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