Netflix has arrived to Hungary

Netflix in Hungary

There has been news on the Internet telling that Netflix is getting closer to launching in Hungary, but it still caught us by surprise as Netflix launched on January 6th. In other words you do no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in Hungary, because if you visit Netflix you can start watching already.

If you live abroad and only come to Hungary for a short travel then this is nice to know and if you live in Hungary you will probably enjoy this as well. It is worth knowing that so far all content available in the Hungarian version of Netflix can only be enjoyed in English and with English subtitles, meaning that there is no support for the Hungarian language on Hungarian Netflix yet.

Netflix in Hungary

There are quite a lot of good films available on Netflix, so you can for example watch The Dark Knight, Kung Fu panda, Madagascar, Timmy Time, Max and Ruby, Orange is the New Black, Spartacus, Jessica Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Life as we Know It, The Prince of Egypt, Shrek, Gravity, Man on Fire, Lord of the Rings, World War Z, Jack Reacher and lots of other films. But again, these films are all in English with English subtitles available.

But, there are of course lots of content lacking from the Hungarian Netflix as well, for example the popular Netflix series House of Cards is lacking and a very big amount of films. That is why you might still want to use a Netflix region switcher so that you can watch content in other Netflix regions from Hungary, but still, it is a big breakthrough for online streaming in Hungary that Netflix has finally arrived.

Enjoy watching and do not forget to work and get some fresh air!


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