New rules for entering Hungary (valid from July 15th)

We had a little break from the coronavirus topics in the newspapers for some week, but now they are returning once again. Due to the raising number of cases worldwide, and also in Europe, Hungary has decided to alter the rules and regulations related to who can enter Hungary.

New rules for entering hungary

Based on the new rules, valid from July 15th in 2020, the world is divided into three zones.

The Green Zone

EU countries not mentioned in the yellow zone.

People from these countries can freely enter and enjoy their summer in Budapest and in Hungary. There is no need to enter a quarantine after arrival.

The Yellow Zone

UK, US, Serbia, Romania, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, China and Japan.

For people from these nations to come to Hungary, they will need to have two tests made within the last five days to confirm that they are well. If not, they will have to enter a 14-day quarantine upon arrival to Budapest.

The Red Zone

Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Kosovo, North-Macedonia, Moldovia, Montenegro, Ukraine, and all other countries of the world not mentioned elsewhere in the other zones.

People from these countries are not allowed to enter Hungary at all.

Make sure to stay up to date before coming to Budapest, because things change very quickly!

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