Paprika Hungarian restaurant review

Paprika Vendéglő, or Paprika, is a cozy and nice Hungarian restaurant located not far from the Heroes Square and the City Park in Budapest. The restaurant does not look to special from the outside, but on the inside they have a very nice and traditional Hungarian interior. During the warmer months of the year the restaurant also has a nice terrace outside the main entrance where you can sit and enjoy the meals while viewing cars passing by (quite amusing in fact).

Paprika is well known among both locals and internationals, and here you can get traditional Hungarian extreme portions, meaning that you will in most cases not be in need of starter, main course and dessert… the main course is more than enough by itself. On the menu you can find Hungarian goulash soup, fish soup, grilled goose liver, wiener schnitzel and lots of other courses, which will give you a good introduction to the Hungarian kitchen. They also have some fish dishes and dishes specially prepared for vegetarians, so everyone should be able to find something after their taste as they visit Paprika restaurant in Budapest.

Prices at Paprika

The price level at Paprika is not bad at all, and almost all courses cost less than 4000 HUF. A dinner for two, of course depending on the amount of drinks you order, should cost somewhere between 6000-10,000 HUF. Here comes some price examples from the menu at Paprika:

Goulash soup: 1050 HUF
Spicy chicken slices with pasta: 1850 HUF
Wiener Schnitzel with french fries: 2200 HUF
Grilled rumpsteak Lyon style with French fries: 2900 HUF
Creamy Mushroom tagliatelle: 1700 HUF
Cottage cheese dumplings: 790 HUF
Coca Cola (0,2L): 310 HUF
Dréher 0.5l (draught beer): 600 HUF

Appetizer/starter in Paprika restaurant

It might be a bonus and it might be a minus in Paprika, but it is a reality that most Hungarian restaurants trying to create an authentic atmosphere also includes live gipsy music. This is not the fact in Paprika, and you are here able to enjoy your meal in peaceful quietness, only disturbed by your own and the voices of the other guests. After visiting quite some restaurants with gipsy music this is in the eyes of Budablogger a big PLUS!

Restaurant on the inside

Do not expect gourmet food as you come to Paprika, because then you will be disappointed. Expect instead traditional Hungarian food, large portions, good service and nice prices… and hopefully you will be satisfied! Feel free to share your own thoughts on the restaurants using the comments field at the bottom of this page.

To get to Paprika you can travel with the yellow metro to the stop Heroes square. As you look towards the Heroes square and have Andrassy ut behind you, start walking to the right and follow Dozsa Gyorgy ut for a while, until you finally reach Paprika after 3-4 minutes.

Paprika restaurant information

Dozsa Gyorgy ut 72, Budapest 1071
Tlf: +36-20-294-79-44
Opening times: 12.00-23.00

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