Victoria and Albert exhibition in Museum of Applied Arts

In London you can find a whole lot of amazing museums, but one of the nicest of them all is the Victoria and Albert museum. But, instead of traveling to London to see the museum we have a better suggestion. Visit the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest instead, and see more than 320 objects from the museum in London exhibited there.

Victoria and Albert in Budapest

The exhibition is open from today (June 15th) and will be available until September 16th. The subject of the exhibition is among others; What did they consider art during the industrial revolution? What was considered pretty during those days? Is it only now a problem with ugly mass production, or was it a problem back then as well?

This exhibition has not arrived directly from London to Budapest, as it has been exhibited in Bonn for quite a while, and from there they transported it on to Budapest. If you would like to check out this exhibition read more about museums in Budapest and go visit the exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts

Victoria and Albert in Budapest
June 15th – September 16th
Museum of Applied Arts

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