More places to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest

Euro 2016 in Szechenyi

We have already written an article telling you where to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest, but since then we have even more suggestions for you, so keep on reading!

If you have not read our former article yet then go ahead and read that first. We still believe that the Szabadsag square in the heart of Budapest will be a fantastic place to watch all Euro 2016 matches, but here we want to add two more places that might interest you!

Euro 2016 in Szechenyi
Watch Euro 2016 in the Szechenyi Thermal Bath
  1. Watch Euro 2016 in the pool
    Can you imagine something that would be nicer than to watch Euro 2016 while lying in a hot thermal bath? That will be possible if you visit the Szechenyi thermal bath during Euro 2016 because big screens will be setup inside the thermal bath (inside outside), meaning that you can watch the matches on big screens while enjoying the hot springs. Fantastic!
  2. Watch Euro 2016 at the roof of West End
    One of the most popular shopping malls in Budapest is the WestEnd Citycenter and if you want to watch Euro 2016 on the roof of this mall then you can simply walk towards the top of it and there you will find space for more than 1000 people who can watch the matches together and enjoy tasty drinks as they do so.

Where will you watch Euro 2016 in Budapest? It sounds fantastic with the Szechenyi thermal bath, but WestEnd ain’t that bad either. If you want to watch it on your Windows computer then you can find out how to watch Euro 2016 in Windows all across Hungary and across the world as well, but why watch Euro 2016 on a computer when you can watch it in hot springs in Budapest?

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