Rembrandt and his pupils – an art exhibition in Budapest

Did you know that Rembrandt died 350 years ago (in 2019)? For that reason, lots of art museums bring extra focus on his name this year, and that is true for the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest as well.

Those visiting the exhibition will be able to see works of Rembrandt, and next to his works, see the work of his pupils and thus discover the influence he had on them. The works are divided into the following categories: “Portrait, nude, landscape, figure sketch and narrative compositions.” As a result, you will not only see works of Rembrandt at this temporary exhibition, but you will also see works from some of Rembrandts pupils such as Ferdinand Bol, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, Samuel van Hoogstraten.

The exhibition is curated by Bernadett Tóth, an art historian at the Museum of Fine Arts’ Department of Prints and Drawings.

The Mother of Rembrandt - a painting made by Gerrit Dou
The Mother of Rembrandt – a painting made by Gerrit Dou.

Rembrandt and his pupils
September 20th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020
Museum of Fine Arts

The museum is located at the magnificent Heroes square. This is a part of the City Park in Budapest, one of the most beautiful areas of the Hungarian capital. You can easily get to the exhibition using public transportation, and the easiest way is by using the yellow metro and travel to the stop named Hösök tere (Heroes square).

If you come in December 2019, do not forget to visit the fantastic Christmas markets in Budapest as well. They will open in November and remain open until January 1st in 2020.

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