Surrealism in the National Gallery (until October 20th)

There are only a few days left for Surrealist lovers in Budapest to enjoy an awesome exhibition currently on display in the National Gallery. Doesn’t it sound awesome to watch an exhibition in which you can see works made by Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia? You have the chance for a couple of more days in the National Gallery in Budapest.

Surrealist creation from Salvadore Dali
Surrealist creation from Salvadore Dali

Budapest might not be the capital of art in Europe, but there are some really interesting exhibitions on display in the city currently. In the Museum of Fine Arts, you can learn more about Rembrandt and the influence he had on his pupils. But, I guess the large crowds will be much more interested in the surrealist temporary exhibition in the National Gallery which will remain available until October 20th.

And, because of the crowds expected in the gallery for the next couple of days, the National Gallery will extend their opening time for as many people as possible to be able to actually see the paintings on display.

The exhibition is dealing specifically with the year 1929, and it is subtitled “Crisis and Rebirth in 1929.” Besides showing paintings made by Dali and his colleagues, there will also be surrealist photography on display, where the photos were made by Man Ray and Brassaï.

Doesn’t this sound interesting?

The National Gallery is located in the castle building in Budapest (at the Buda hill). If you first visit the gallery, make sure to visit the dome as well and enjoy the stunning view towards the Danube. This is the best way to actually see the Buda Castle on the inside, so it is well worth the visit, even if you do not even care about the arts. But, to be honest, if you ever were to visit an art exhibition in Budapest, this might be one of the most interesting!

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