Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age – Exhibition

Rembrandt Budapest

Rembrandt BudapestThe exhibition Rembrandt and the Golden Age shows the visitors the 17th century which was one of the golden ages in the European and its art works in the Netherlands.

The exhibition has a wide collection of the best paintings from this period of time and it is focused mostly on the best Rembrandt paintings. Rembrandt is one of the most outstanding painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He was a Dutch painter and he is considered one of the biggest figures in the Dutch history and in the European art. The National Museum of Fine Arts display more than 170 paintings from different artist from this period of time and over 20 masterpieces from Rembrandt. The exhibition is focused on the Dutch Golden Age and visitors can have the chance to discover this age from a different point of view.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to the visitors to explore the best masterpieces from this period of time and to get familiar with the life back in Rembrandt’s days. The exhibition is in collaboration with other museums from Europe. It works with Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and the Kremer Collection. The exhibition will be held in the capital of Hungary, Budapest at the Museum of Fine Arts from 31st October 2014 to 15th February 2015.

For more information on the museum and the exhibition check the official site.

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