Report from Buda Castle Beer festival 2013

Yesterday was the opening day of the annual beer festival in Budapest at the Castle Hill, and it looks very promising. Most festivals are very calm and quiet on the opening day, but considering the amount of life and people present yesterday evening, this will be the number one party area in Budapest this weekend.

The daily entrance fee for the beer festival is 2000 HUF. This includes a taste of one type of beer inside the festival area. To get hold of the beer festival mug you need to get hold of a payment card, add money to it and that is the currency working inside the festival area (the same as last year). This works fine and is easy to use, but once the festival area get crowded, you have to stand quite a bit in line to get hold of your card, add money to it and to get hold of your mug. But once it’s done, it works great!

Inside the festival area you can find lots of stands where you can taste all kinds of beer, mostly Hungarian and Czech beers, but also some Belgian and beers from other nations. In the Lion courtyard a large stage can be found and at the stage there are cool artists performing and the entire courtyard is packed with people, so an amazing atmosphere there. During the most popular concerts people cheer, dance and clap in front of the stage, giving you a both a music- and beer festival feeling at the same time.

Before the festival I was a bit afraid that the new time for the festival (June instead of August/September) might harm the amount of people coming to the festival, but I think I had no reason to fear. It was lots of people in the area!

Wonder what the festival looked like? Here you can see some pictures we made yesterday during the festival.


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