We just got rid of more than 500 broken links

For a long time we have known the fact that there are quite a lot of broken links (links not working) in our Budapest Guide. Unfortunately we did not know how to fix these in an easy way, until we recently got a good advice.

no more broken links in the Budapest GuideThe result was that we installed a little plugin at our webpage which checked all links existing in the Budapest Guide. It had to check more than 4000 links (both internal and external links) and the result that showed up was more than 500 links that did not work. Those numbers are not as bad as they sound, because most links still worked, but back in the period before 2009 we used Blogger to post blog posts in the Budapest Guide. Then we changed everything and started to use WordPress instead, and all former Blogger posts and links and pictures went crazy during the export, and that left lots of broken links and images not working behind. Therefore most of the links which we had to fix were from this period.

The article with information about how to find broken links can be found here.

Now everything should be working
Now a few days later we have fixed all links and according to the statistics there should be no broken links at all in the Budapest Guide at the moment. That should make the site better to use for you as visitors and you will not have to experience high blood pressure as you believe you found what you have been looking for for a long time, only to find a broken link. That is so annoying!

Enjoy the Budapest Guide and all the information in the guide about attractions, museums, restaurants, hotels and other cool stuff in Budapest.

We have also updated the Budapest Guides in all the other languages using this plugin, so hopefully you should find all the other guides free from broken links as well!

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