Roman lapidary – Hungarian National Museum

When somebody wants to spend some days in Hungary, usually the firs destination is the capital, the wonderful Budapest. There are lauds of museums, galleries and other interesting attractions here. It is a must see program visit to the Buda Castle, the Parliament, the Heroes Square and some museums, like the Hungarian National Museum.

The National Museum is always waiting for the visitors with interesting exhibitions. Those, who visit here, could learn a lot about the Hungarian history, because there are several permanent exhibitions which show the whole story of this country from the prehistory Hungary trough the Conquest until the Regime with lots of interesting relics, treasures and other wonderful things.

One worldwide famous exhibition in the National Museum is the Lapidarium or Roman Lapidary. The exhibition shows the most typical stone monuments, for example urn keeper stoneware, tombstones, sarcophaguses, little, church shaped tomb’s (aediculas) elements, votive altars offered to gods and epigraphs which tell constructions. Because there are just few useful relics from the age of the Roman Empire, historians could know more about this era, when Hungary was a part of the Roman Empire and it called Pannonia, after these stone monuments.

If you are interested in the history, do not miss the National Museum’s amazing exhibition of the Roman relics while you are in Budapest, because it would be an unforgettable experience! Have a great time!

Lapidarium – Roman lapidary
Permanent exhibition
Hungarian National Museum

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