“The Way we are” – Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó in the National Gallery

Farago JozsefMaybe not everybody interests about the typical exhibitions, where the exhibited painting, sculptures and other objects could be incomprehensible, or the exhibited objects from the different historical ages are boring. Well, we have a good news for those, who come to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, because in the most famous gallery of the city, in the National Gallery, a wonderful and funny exhibition waits for the visitors from the work of the Hungarian caricaturist, József Faragó.

József Farago lived between 1866 and 1906. József Faragó was an influential, known and respected caricaturist of his age, who renovated the art of the Hungarian political cartoon. As an employee of the Borsszem Jankó, and after the Kakas Márton, he became famous in the whole country. His biting, but always direct hit parodies showed the daily political life in a funny but hard way through his cartoons, which were cannot waited to subscribers in every week.

The exhibition in the National Gallery waits for the visitors from 12 October 2012 until 2 June 2013. Mainly we offer this funny exhibition for those, who like this type of humor, the caricatures and jokes. It isn’t a problem, if you don’t know much about the Hungarian political life of this age, because the drawings are understandable and funny for everyone.

Do not miss this side-splitting exhibition. Make the museum trips more enjoyable and with it, know more about the Hungarian history through a curved mirror! Have a great time!

“The Way we are” – Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó
Hungarian National Gallery
October 12th, 2012 – June 2nd, 2013

Budapest museums

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