Does senior citizens travel free on public transportation in Budapest?

Pensioners on public transportation in BudapestI have seen on another website that Hungarian citizens and citizens of the European union over 65 years travel free of charges in the transportation network of Budapest? Is that truly so?

Thank you for the question. The answer to your question is yes. People aged 65 or more travel free of charge with the public transportation in Budapest as long as they have a passport confirming their age. But, it is not enough that the passport confirms their age, it also needs to show that the person traveling comes from an EU nation or an EEA nation. If your passport confirms your age above 65 and home country (within the EU or EEA), then you can use the public transportation system in Budapest for free.

This question was originally answered in 2012, but as of August 29th in 2017 the answer remains the same. Let us all hope the answer will not change in the near future.

Does pensioners travels free in Budapest?
Do pensioners travel free in Budapest with public transportation?

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15 thoughts on “Does senior citizens travel free on public transportation in Budapest?

  1. Oleg Gordeev says:

    I come from a country outside EU and spent 2 weeks in Budapest this summer. My little children traveled for free, and the elder one enjoyed a generous discount as a student. Budapest is a very friendly city for visitors!

  2. Curt Gutridge says:

    I’m from the USA and I’m 66 years old, will I receive a free pass for public transportation while visiting Budapest?

  3. Erika Blakely says:

    Hello, I am a 72 year old American citizen with a 2-year Hungarian residence permit. Do I qualify for free Public transportation?

    • Budapest Guide says:

      I don’t think the residence permit is enough if they actually stop you. Normally they will not even ask people who “look” old for papers, but if they do, you might be in trouble. To be honest, I have no 100% answer here.

  4. Tom Boerema says:

    My wife and I are from
    the USA, we are both 67 years old. Do we qualify for the public transportation or do we need to purchase a pass?

    • Budapest Guide says:


      according to the regulations, the free travel with public transportation is only for pensioners from Hungary or some other EU/ECT country. In other words, the discount doesn’t apply to Americans.

  5. Tapsa says:

    Does someone over 65 have to buy a seat ticket for a train in Hungary? If so, will they be sold on the train or at the train station?

  6. Stewart Fox says:

    October 2023 regarding free travel in Budapest.
    At age 79 I have always travelled free as a pensioner upon production of my passport, however since BREXIT this ‘free’ travel iS NO LONGER AVAILABLE as I am NOT classed as an EU person any longer………can anyone confirm this as various (outdated) replies are confusing.

    • Budapest Guide says:

      The free transportation is for Hungarians, EU members, and citizens from the EEA countries. Since the United Kingdom isn’t included among any of these requirements, they are not really entitled to free public transportation in Budapest anymore. Most controllers will not stop old people, but if you are checked, you are most likely to get a fine.

    • Budapest Guide says:

      Have you read the most recent update? Pensioneers (above 65) travel free, no matter where they come from… this is a change that happened in 2024 🙂 Besides that, there are no other special discounts worth taking into consideration.

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