Star Wars. The Last Jedi premiere in Budapest today!

star wars the last jedi budapest

Are you a Star Wars fan in Budapest? Had you already ordered your tickets to Budapest, and then discovered that you would miss out on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere at home? What can be done? Is there any place to watch the movie in English?

star wars the last jedi budapest

The cinemas in Budapest are showing Star Wars: The Last Jedi from December 13th. The most famous cinema in Budapest is Cinema City, and they have complexes in several of the biggest shopping malls in Budapest; WestEnd, Allee and Arena Plaza. Normally all movies are dubbed in Hungary (almost), but with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most cinemas show it in the original language (English), with subtitles (Hungarian) a couple of times a day. You should there have the chance to watch the movie in English if you want to. The bigger problem is the fact that all tickets are bought for the first performances (almost), but there is one exception if you are eager to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi live in Budapest on the opening night.

Campona, a shopping mall on the Buda side, quite a distance from the city center, has loads of free tickets available for the performance in English at 21.00 tonight. You will have to buy the tickets at the Cinema City website, but if you want to, this is a chance.

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