Starbucks, Costa Coffee and others to come to Budapest

Starbucks BudapestPages with news about Budapest have in the latest days written about Costa Coffee coming to Budapest. The Italian-started, UK-based Costa Coffee, will open their first coffee shop in Budapest, in Vaci Utca, in early December (which means now). Some pages reported that a Starbucks will be opened as well, though this is probably wrong… Starbucks will only arrive around march/april in 2009, hopefully. With both actors entering the Hungarian market we can be prepared for good coffee and war between the giants. For those who have visited our “Fastfood” page it is possible to see that we have been waiting for Starbucks for a long time, and hopefully we do not have to wait so much anymore.

Lately we mentioned that Cavalli has come to Budapest, next Monday Vertu is supposed to open, and in the near future the fashion shops Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and menswear retailers Zilli and Z Zegna are supposed to come to the city as well. Sounds great, doesnt it? These shops will be located in the Fashion Street area and in the Andrassy Út which is getting more and more exclusive. Though, I was surprised today as I read in an article (read it here) that there are days when Louis Vuitton and Gucci does not sell anything at all in Budapest. But, I guess with their prices they do not need to seel to many articles a month to survive!

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