Hungarian food in McDonalds [Part II]

Some weeks ago we wrote about McDonalds serving Hungarian food in their restaurants in Budapest. Some days ago I visited McDonalds again, and though I ended up eating a BigMac Menu, I felt that I could try a Lángos (kind of Scone) for dessert. I am not a big fan of Lángos in general, but I thought I would give it a try anyway.

McDonalds BudapestLángos in McDonalds

The first message I got as I tried to order it was; they do not have more of the garlic and sourcream they normally use for the Lángos, so they told me that I could get something else instead. Having no clue, and asking what they recommended, I ended up with a package of ketchup together with my Lángos.

The Lángos did then not taste to bad, but I had a feeling that I was eating some kind of gum, quite hard to bite through and swallow. Compared to the Chicken Papricas burger from last time, this was a dream, quite similar to the level of the Golden Dumplings. The ketchup was not to bad together with it, and though I will not order Lángos in the future in McDonalds, this was not a too bad experience!

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