Strike is over at Budapest Airport

The strike at Budapest Airport is over, at least for a while. That means both Ferihegy 1 and Ferihegy 2 is in use again, and planes leave on schedule and from the planned terminals.

Both LESZ and RDSZSZ (the unions that were striking) went back to work before christmas. Even though they went back to work, they are still negotiating with Budapest Airport to get more money for their work. If the negotiations does not lead to change, they will stop working from January 6.

The train strike has also ended, so now transportation to Hungary, from Hungary and within Hungary should be going as usual!

Information from Budapest Airport
Budapest Airport opens Terminal 2A at 05:00 on Friday, 26 December. Terminal 1 opens one day later, at 04:00 on Saturday, 27 December. Until 27 December, all airlines operating from Terminal 1 are shifted to Terminal 2B.

Until 26 December, all passengers enter the transit area through terminal 2B that operates with full capacity. The check-in for some non-low-cost flights operating within the Schengen zone is at terminal 2A. BA advises all passengers to get in contact with their airlines. BA call center and flight information: +36 1 296 7000.

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