Strike updates Budapest – December 23

What is up in the capital of Hungary? For foreigners coming to celebrate christmas in Hungary the airport is the most important, and at the airport planes arrive and depart on time. No flights are cancelled, and though travellers report that there are some lack of information at the airport, mostly everything is working perfect. It is still recommended to be at the airport at least two hours before departure, and do not forget that all flights leave from Budapest Ferihegy 2. Ferihegy 1 is closed temporarely due to the strike.

MAV (train strike)
In the last week several hundred thousand people have been suffering because of the train strike, and we wrote last week that the trains would be going as normal between 24-26 December. But, this changed, and it longed seemed as if the trains would stand on those days as well, but now it has been decided that trains will leave as listed in the train schedules. Today (23 December) there will still be some delays, but from tomorrow all trains should leave on time!

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