Strike updates Tuesday 16. December

Bus nr. 109Yesterday we reported that the trains were standing still and that the strike at the airport still influenced the air traffic. Today Budapest Airport Zrt. wrote at their webpage that all traffic went as planned this morning, and that there are only short lines by the security checks. They hope that they will be able to keep it this way throughout the entire day.

On the trainstations most trains are standing, also international trains, and buses are packed up throughout the nations. The news reports of people who are not able to go to work, missing out their exams and the consequences is quite big for the Hungarians.

Yesterday the news also arrived that BKV (the company running the public transport in Budapest) will organize a strike this Thursday (18 December) from 04.30 until 13:00.

Those were the striking news for today!

Check back to our frontpage later for more updates.

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