Strike updates Wednesday 17. December

The trains are still standing in the nation, which means people from throughout the nations have problems reaching the other cities in the nation. Though the security people at the airport is still striking, the airport has received help from abroad, and therefore they are able to keep the tempo up, and all plains should arrive and depart on time.

Yesterday we wrote that it will probably be a strike tomorrow within the public transportation company in Budapest. The good news is that though they will probably strike, it will only influence the buses, which means that trams and the metro will run as normal!

That was it for today! 🙂

Check back to our front page later for updates.

2 thoughts on “Strike updates Wednesday 17. December

  1. Budapest Guide says:

    There will not be any strike with the public transportation anyway. The parts came to an agreement, so they will work today! A new article is on the way with more updates within shortly!

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