Full Schedule for the World Championship in Athletics in Budapest

What will happen when during the World Athletics Championship in Budapest? When is your favorite event taking place? Here you can see a full overview of all events taking place during the event. All times are according to the local time in Budapest of the different events.

Would you like to read more about the event? Take a look at our guide to the World Athletics Championships here. Would you like to learn more about how you can get to the Athletics arena? Click the link!

Athletics Centre in Budapest

DAY 1 – August 19


Local TimesexeventRound
08:50M20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
10:30MShot PutQualification
10:35W100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlon
11:05X4×400 Metres RelayHeats
11:35M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
11:47WHigh JumpHeptathlon
12:00MHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
12:25WLong JumpQualification
12:35M100 MetresPreliminary round
13:15W1500 MetresHeats
13:45MHammer ThrowQualification – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
18:00XOpening CeremonyUndefined
19:02M1500 MetresHeats
19:05WShot PutHeptathlon
19:09MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
19:37MTriple JumpQualification
19:43M100 MetresHeats
20:28W200 MetresHeptathlon
20:35MShot PutFinal
20:40MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
20:55W10000 MetresFinal
21:49X4×400 Metres RelayFinal

DAY 2 – August 20


Local TimesexeventRound
07:15W20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
09:00WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
09:35W400 MetresHeats
09:50WLong JumpHeptathlon
10:25M400 MetresHeats
10:30WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
10:35MHigh JumpQualification
11:25M400 Metres HurdlesHeats
12:00WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group A
12:10W100 MetresHeats
13:05M110 Metres HurdlesHeats
13:05WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
16:35M100 MetresSemi-Final
16:55WLong JumpFinal
17:05W1500 MetresSemi-Final
17:30M1500 MetresSemi-Final
17:49MHammer ThrowFinal
18:00W800 MetresHeptathlon
18:25M10000 MetresFinal
19:10M100 MetresFinal

DAY 3 – August 21


Local TimesexeventRound
18:40WPole VaultQualification
18:50W400 Metres HurdlesHeats
19:33M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
19:40MTriple JumpFinal
20:05M110 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
20:30MDiscus ThrowFinal
20:35W100 MetresSemi-Final
21:12W400 MetresSemi-Final
21:40M110 Metres HurdlesFinal
21:50W100 MetresFinal

DAY 4 – August 22


Local TimesexeventRound
18:40W100 Metres HurdlesHeats
19:20M800 MetresHeats
19:58MHigh JumpFinal
20:20WDiscus ThrowFinal
20:25W400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
21:00M400 MetresSemi-Final
21:31W1500 MetresFinal
21:42M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal

DAY 5 – August 23


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05W800 MetresHeats
10:15MPole VaultQualification
10:20WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
11:10W5000 MetresHeats
11:15MLong JumpQualification
11:55WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
12:05W200 MetresHeats
12:50M200 MetresHeats


Local TimesexeventRound
19:00WHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
19:10WTriple JumpQualification
19:30WPole VaultFinal
19:45W3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
20:35WHammer ThrowQualification – Group B
20:40W100 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
21:15M1500 MetresFinal
21:35W400 MetresFinal
21:50M400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 6 – August 24


Local TimesexeventRound
07:00M35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
07:00W35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal


Local TimesexeventRound
19:00M5000 MetresHeats
19:30MLong JumpFinal
19:45W200 MetresSemi-Final
20:20M200 MetresSemi-Final
20:26WHammer ThrowFinal
20:50M800 MetresSemi-Final
21:22W100 Metres HurdlesFinal
21:35M400 MetresFinal
21:50W400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 7 – August 25


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05M100 MetresDecathlon
10:10MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
10:20WHigh JumpQualification
10:55MLong JumpDecathlon
11:45MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
12:20MShot PutDecathlon


Local TimesexeventRound
18:30MHigh JumpDecathlon
19:30M4×100 Metres RelayHeats
19:36WTriple JumpFinal
20:00W4×100 Metres RelayHeats
20:20WJavelin ThrowFinal
20:25W800 MetresSemi-Final
21:05M400 MetresDecathlon
21:40W200 MetresFinal
21:50M200 MetresFinal

DAY 8 – August 26


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05M110 Metres HurdlesDecathlon
10:25WShot PutQualification
11:00MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group A
12:05MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group B
13:00MPole VaultDecathlon – Group A
14:00MPole VaultDecathlon – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
19:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group A

DAY 9 – August 27


Local TimesexeventRound


Local TimesexeventRound
20:05WHigh JumpFinal
20:15MJavelin ThrowFinal
20:20M5000 MetresFinal
20:45W800 MetresFinal
21:05W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
21:37M4×400 Metres RelayFinal
21:50W4×400 Metres RelayFinal

How to get to the Athletics Stadium in Budapest?

Budapest is hosting the World Championship in Athletics during the summer of 2023. It is the biggest event ever arranged in Hungary, and a brand new stadium awaits athletes and the audience. But how can you easily get to the stadium? Can I park my car by the stadium?

We have written a thorough article about the World Championship in Athletics in our Budapest Guide, and there you will find lots of information about the event and also answers to frequently asked questions. We have touched on traveling to the stadium, but in this article, we will give you more in-depth answers.

Travel to Athletics Stadium

Can I park my car by the Athletics Stadium?

If you come to Budapest by car to look at the World Athletics Championships, then you probably know that finding a parking lot might be a problem. There is no big parking lot next to the stadium. What should you do then?

There are several options.

1:) Park your car elsewhere and use public transportation.

This is a great option, and it might be the easiest solution. In other words, travel to the city center of Budapest, with tram line number 2 to the end station, and walk to the stadium from there. You can read more about public transportation options later on in this article.

2:) Go shopping in OBI.

There is a OBI store (do it yourself retailer) close to the stadium. This parking lot might get packed during the event, but it might be a solution (OBI will probably not endorse this option, so don’t tell them that we came up with the suggestion). Buy a hammer and some other necessary accessories, leave your car in the parking lot, and walk to the stadium.

3:) Park your car in TESCO

A TESCO store at Soroksari út is very close to the venue. Here you pay for your parking based on the length of your stay. It is very cheap, so it will not cost a fortune, and it might be the best solution for those arriving to Budapest by car for an evening or a daytime event.ű

I want to get to the stadium by taxi!

Things are very easy if you want to use a taxi to get to the stadium. Find a taxi, book a taxi via your hotel or restaurant, and let them drive you to the stadium. There will for sure be many pirate taxies around the stadium, so only use taxies you have ordered yourself, or taxies belonging to an acknowledged company such as Radio Taxi, or you can use the service BOLT.

I want to use public transportation.

Several buses, trams, and trains (HEV) are traveling near the Athletics stadium. The best options for getting to the stadium is by using tram line number 1 or 2 and then leaving the tram at the stop Közvágóhíd. Tram number two travels along the Danube, making it Budapest’s most beautiful tram ride. This is the ideal tram if you live in the city center of Budapest.

Tram number one travels along the big ring in Budapest, making it a great solution if you live nearby this popular ring in Budapest. It starts on the Buda side near the Árpad bridge, and ends up on the Buda side again by the Kelenfoldi railway station (along the way, it travels on the Pest side and stops next to the Athletics stadium).

You can travel with the green train number 7 (HEV) to the stop Müpa – Nemzeti Színház. A public transportation boat will also travel to the Athletics stadium during the World Championship in Athletics.

Can I travel by bike to the stadium?

It is possible to travel by bike to the new Athletics Stadium in Budapest. There are many places for parking your bicycle near the stadium, and there are fairly good bicycle roads leading to the stadium. Of course, the bicycle roads in Budapest cannot be compared to those in cities such as Amsterdam, but they are improving little by little, and it is possible to use a bicycle to get to the stadium.


That’s it. You are now ready to travel to the stadium during the Worl Athletics Championships in Budapest. Do not forget to be early to the stadium, and be prepared for delays during entrance to the stadium and with public transportation (something that might happen when thousands of people travel to the stadium with public transportation simultaneously).

If you have any comments or questions, write them below! If you want to read more about other events, concerts, festivals, and markets in Budapest, take a look at this page.

World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023

The World Athletics Championships in 2023 will be the biggest event ever arranged in Hungary. The event kicks off on August 19th and ends on August 27th. Are you coming to Budapest for the event? Would you like to know more about the event, the program, the venue, the tickets, or what to see while in Budapest? This article will (hopefully) give you all the answers you need!

The event kicks off on August 19 with a 20km Race Walk for men in which a gold medal will be handed out immediately. There will also be a final in 10,000 meters running for women on the evening of the opening day. This event’s winner during the Tokyo Olympics finished in less than 30 minutes. Will we see the same fantastic winner time in Budapest?

Program for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest 2023.

We have already mentioned some events on the championship’s opening day. There will be fantastic events every single day during the event, and you might not find every competition as interesting as the others. The marathons and the Race Walk distances take place in the streets of Budapest, making it a wonderful chance for spectators to enjoy the events and cheer for their favorites without paying for tickets to the stadium.

There are many highlights to remember, but here you have some of the most interesting events.

  • August 20, 18.25: 10,000 M (men)
  • August 20, 19.30: 100 M (men)
  • August 21, 21.40: 110 M hurdles (men)
  • August 21, 21.50: 100 M (women)
  • August 23, 21.15: 1500 M (men)
  • August 23, 21.30: 400 M (women)
  • August 26, 7.00: Marathon (women)
  • August 26, 21.40: 4×100 M Relay (men)
  • August 26, 21.50: 4×100 M Relay (women)
  • August 27, 7.00: Marathon (men)
  • August 27, 20.05: High Jump (women)
  • August 27, 20.20: Javelin Throw (men)
  • August 27, 21.37: 4×400 M Relay (men)
  • August 27, 21.47: 4×400 M Relay (women)
program for the world athletics championship

Above, you can see the program for the final three days of the event.

Tickets for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest 2023.

Are you coming to Budapest to enjoy the event at the stadium? Would you like to buy tickets? It is possible to buy tickets for only one morning session or one evening session, but you can also buy tickets for the final weekend, the opening days, or the entire World Championships.

The prices vary depending on where you will be seated at the stadium. In the picture below, you can see a price overview for the event.

Some price examples:

  • The entire event with category four seating (with the worst view): 69,700 HUF.
  • The entire event with category one seating (with the best view): 164,100 HUF.
  • A ticket for an evening session with category one seating on a weekday: 18,900 HUF.
  • A ticket for an evening session with category one seating during the weekend: 22,900 HUF.

Would you like to learn more about the Hungarian currency and find out how much these prices are in your local currency? Take a look at our page about the Hungarian Forint.

Where can I buy tickets for the event?

You can buy the official tickets for the event at https://tickets.wabudapest23.com/.

The event venue: the National Athletics Centre.

The brand-new National Athletics Center is the main venue for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. The arena has been made for this event, and it is located next to the Rákoczi bridge (the most southern bridge in Budapest). After the championships, the venue will be used by Hungarian athletes and for future competitions. During the World Championships, the venue will operate with a capacity of 35,000 spectators.


How to get to the venue?

There aren’t many ways to get to the venue at the moment, but it is promised that additional public transportation options will be added during the event. Currently, these are the best options:

  • Tram line 2: Travel to the end station (Közvagohid) and walk from there.
    This is often referred to as the panorama tram line in Budapest, and it is a sightseeing tour in itself to travel from one end-station to the other. The tram travels along the Danube. Along the way, you can see popular Budapest attractions such as the Castle, the Parliament, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Gellert Hill, and many other beautiful buildings. This ideal solution takes you from central locations in Budapest along the Danube to the venue.
  • Tram line 24: Travel with tram line 24 to Közvágóhid.
    This tram line starts from the Keleti Railway station, making it ideal for those arriving in Budapest by train or who live near the Eastern railway station.
  • City train 7 (HÉV): Travel with the city train from Boraros tér (by the Petöfi bridge) to the National Theater (Nemzeti Szinhaz).
    This is a short ride (only one stop), but at least it will get you closer to the venue. It is much better to use tram number two (described earlier), but it can be done if you really want to use the city train.
venue for the world championship in athletics in 2023.

Traveling to the venue using a roller or bicycle is also possible as there are parking areas for those by the stadium. If you are on the Pest side of the city, simply travel along the Danube towards the south and you will eventually get to the stadium. Below you can see a map showing the area around the stadium, presenting what is located where, including parking lots for bikes, where you can grab something to eat, where you can go to the toilet, and much more.

map of the athletics stadium in budapest
Click the map for a large version where you can see the details properly.

Frequently asked questions about the World Athletics Championships, Budapest, and more.

Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions asked by people coming to Budapest for this event. If you have further questions, please write them in the comment field below.

Do I need to worry about crime in Budapest?

It is easy to be worried as you arrive in a new city and country. You should be careful and always watch out for your valuables, no matter where you go. Budapest is, however, a very secure city. If you use common sense and watch out for your wallet, passport, keys, and more, you will have few problems.

Where can I park my car in Budapest?

Are you coming to Budapest by car? Are you looking for somewhere to park your car? There are many options and you can read more about parking opportunities in Budapest in the following article. Most hotels offer parking opportunities to their guests, and the same is true for apartments, so that is probably the first place you should look for help before leaving your car elsewhere in Budapest.

How can I travel from Budapest Airport to my accommodation?

There are several connections between Budapest Airport and the city. Here you can read about some of them.

Public transportation:

  • You can travel by public transportation using bus 200E to Köbany Kispest and then by metro from there.
  • Another option is the Airport bus (100E) connecting the airport with Deak square in the center of Budapest.

Taxis and private transfer:

  • There are official taxis at the airport available at all times. These are generally safe, and they operate with somewhat fixed prices.
  • You can arrange a private transfer beforehand and have a driver waiting for you in the arrival hall. You can read more about private airport transfers in Budapest here.

Can I pay in euros in Budapest?

The Hungarian Forint is the official currency for payments in Hungary. Many stores, taxis, and restaurants accept payments in euros, but they often operate with lousy exchange rates. As a result, you pay more if you pay with euros in cash than you would if you used the Hungarian Forint or pay by card.

What should I eat in Budapest?

Are you planning to eat local food in Budapest? What should you eat? Which restaurants should you visit? It is crucial that you taste the local goulash soup in Budapest. This is the most famous meal in Hungary, and if you leave Hungary without tasting the goulash soup, it is almost like you have never really visited Hungary.

The Hungarian goose liver is well-known, but most kids eat a traditional Wiener Schnitzel from pork or chicken.

Budapest has fantastic confectionaries, and the most famous is the Gerbeaud confectionery. Here you can taste fantastic cakes of all types. Do not forget to eat some Hungarian strudel and the amazing chimney cake if you have the chance!

Where to eat?

  • Gerbeaud confectionery: This is a fantastic place for Hungarian cakes and a cup of coffee.
  • Pampas Steakhouse: Would you like to eat a real steak in Budapest? This is one of our favorite steakhouses in town.
  • Gundel: The number one place for everything Hungarian in an exclusive environment. This is one of the most famous restaurants in Hungary.
  • Aszu: A fantastic restaurant for fine dining in the center of Budapest. Listen to traditional gypsy music while dining.
  • Sir Lancelot: One of the most memorable restaurants in Budapest. Eat your dinner in a medieval environment and watch sword fights and belly dancing while eating from giant plates.
  • Borkonyha: Would you like dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant? Book your table very early!
  • Rezkakas: Were you unable to dine in Borkonyha? It is easier to get a table in its neighbor, Rezkakas. An excellent place for a delicious Hungarian meal accompanied.
goulash soup

When can I run a marathon in Budapest?

Would you like to run a marathon in Budapest yourself? There is an annual marathon in October every year and a half-marathon every September. You can read more about these and other sports events in Budapest right here.

Is there a place for parking my camel outside the stadium?

I guess you are mistaking the World Athletics Championships in Budapest for the Football World Championships in Qatar (in 2022).

Is there a dress code for women at the stadium?

That was a reality during the Football World Championships in Qatar, not the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

What temperatures can I expect in Budapest in August?

It can be quite very warm in Budapest during the summer. The city often has several weeks with temperatures around 35 Celsius in the middle of the day, and in such periods, the temperatures might remain at 25 Celsius at night. These are the extremes, and they often take place in the end of June and in July, meaning that it is likely to be a little bit colder in August.

The best is to check the weather forecast beforehand and prepare based on what you see. We guess there will be temperatures around 30-35 Celsius during the daytime. It might chill down a bit during the evening sessions, but not much.

temperatures in budapest

Can I bring drinks and food to the venue? Can I buy food and drinks at the stadium?

You can bring the amount of food needed for yourself to the stadium. The official statement is that attendees are allowed to bring with them only a quantity of cold food to meet their personal needs, and non-alcoholic beverages, either in unsealed plastic bottles with a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters or in plastic flasks with a maximum capacity of 0.7 liters.

There will be several kiosks at the stadium, meaning you can buy whatever you need to drink and eat at the actual stadium.

Where should I stay in Budapest? Recommended hotels for the events.

Budapest has hotels of all classes and qualities. Here we will recommend some hotels based on their locations, price, and quality. Hopefully, you will find some of the recommendations helpful. Do not forget to book your hotel early, because the hotel rooms will fill up quickly as the event draws near.

Hotels near the venue

Would you like to live as close as possible to the stadium? Here you have some suggestions that are relatively close the stadium. There aren’t many hotels in the area because there hasn’t been a need for hotels here before. That is why there are no hotels by the stadium. Here you have some of the closest options.

Based on the information below, you will live in a hotel far from the venue, no matter what. As a result, it is better to choose a hotel that suits you well. If you plan on using public transportation, a hotel near tram line number two on the Pest side is ideal, as it will easily transport you to the stadium and you don’t have to walk much.

Hotels near tram line 2 (that will easily take you to the venue).

The tram line is fantastic as it is located along the Danube. As a result, these hotels are ideal not only for getting to and from the National Athletics Centre but also for exploring the beauties of Budapest. We have included hotels with different price classes, so you will for sure find something that suits you well.

  • Hotel Promenade (3 stars): Located in the middle of the shopping street Váci utca. Distance to the tram: 400 meters.
  • Mercure City Center (4 stars): Next to Hotel Promenade, great location. Distance to the tram: 400 meters.
  • Aria Hotel (5 stars): The most luxurious hotel in Budapest with lots of extras. Distance to the tram: 500 meters.
  • InterContinental (5 stars): Luxury by the Danube and next to the tram stop. Distance to the tram: 50 meters.
  • NH Budapest (4 stars): Outside the city center, by the end station of tram line two (which might make it a bit cheaper). Distance to the tram: 400 meters.