Beach-night in Budapest at August 2nd

The extreme heat has left Budapest, but it is still warm and more than 30 degrees in the sun, so a visit to the beach is recommend. That is why you should consider to go to the beach on August 2nd if you are in town.

Budapest has no traditional beaches, but there are other kind of beaches in town which will be open for a longer time on Friday August 2nd in 2013. That means there will be special programs and opening times until 22.00, while the entrance fees remain the same.

If this sounds cool and you stay in Budapest, visit one of the following “beaches” which have joined in on this cool party!

Participants in beach-night (Strandok éjszakája) in Budapest

  • Aquaworld
  • Dagaly

Dagaly Furdo beach night
There are loads of other beach complexes outside Budapest also participating, but these are the two located in Budapest. Be aware of the fact that Aquaworld is really cool, but really on the border of Budapest, so to get to this place you should prepare to pay a taxi driver quite a bit!